2 + 1 Protect System
ROXSiL Open Pore Technology
– The Breathable Breakthrough

ROXSiL Breathable Paint does not totally seal the wall like ordinary paint does. ROXSiL Open Pore Technology is a breathable technology found in our paints.

Our paint formulation is also moisture and vapour transmission ready. When water turns into vapour and tries to escape, it will diffuse itself and effortlessly travel through the porous layer of the paint without causing any damage. As a result, potential paint problems are greatly reduced.

ROXSiL Interlocking Adhesion
Technology with Super Strong

ROXSiL Breathable Paint is based on German technology proven over 40 years in Europe and around the world. Ordinary paint just sticks to the wall, ROXSiL Breathable Paint does more. Silicones have a structure that resembles quartz structures in the cement walls. As a result, this close affinity allows ROXSiL Breathable Paint to merge with the wall surface so it cannot lift and peel easily.