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Treat your wall better with ROXSiL Breathable Paint System



ROXSiL Breathable Paint 5 is designed for general use as the finishing coat for walls. It has the unique ability to lock into the cement surfaces, giving it an adhesion that is not achievable via the usage of ordinary paints. Water trapped inside the wall is the number one cause of paint damage. ROXSiL’s revolutionary technology lets the wall ‘breathe’, allowing trapped water to escape. ROXSiL Breathable Paint comes with a built-in primer.

Finish coat – Apply 2 coats
Available in 4.5 & 18 litres.


ROXSiL Breathable Paint 10 is an extremely durable paint system formulated especially for exterior use on cement plastered buildings or buildings with lime plaster substrates. Lime plaster walls must be allowed to breathe or it will decay.

Finish coat – Apply 2 coats
Available in 4.5 & 18 litres.


ROXSiL Dry Zone Treatment is a proprietary silicone-based water repellent technology. Upon curing, it leaves a dry layer that enables it to protect the substrate from water intrusion. For maximum protection of new substrates, it can be used as a single layer undercoat followed by another coat of ROXSiL Exterior Primer. An application of ROXSiL Breathable Paint is used as the finishing coat.

It can also function as a stand-alone primer before it is finished with a coat of ROXSIL Breathable Paint. As a total four coat system, it will help to regulate the transmission and permeability of moisture and vapour. This in turn will reduce or eliminate the problems of efflorescence.

Undercoat – Apply 1 coat
Available in 4.5 & 18 litres.


Roxsil Exterior Primer is a substrate consolidator, moisture and vapour regulator recommended especially for substrates or walls that are freshly plastered with cement that needs to be prepared ready for painting on an urgent basis.

Strongly recommended for cement plastered substrates subjected to or currently with micro-cracks which leads to the tendency of efflorescence.

Apply one coat for most instances and two coats for substrates which are identified as unstable.

Two coats of ROXSiL Breathable Paint are required as finish coat. For best results, do not dilute.

Undercoat – Apply 1 coat
Available in 4.5 & 18 liters